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For maximum flexibility and control, all purchaser documents created with the H.O.M.E.S. system are generated using Microsoft Word® compatible document templates. When a document such as a purchase agreement is required, the H.O.M.E.S. system automatically inserts the appropriate information into the designated places in the document template, and prints the document ready for signing.

Use your existing purchase agreements as templates! We just remove the blank lines where you normally hand-write information, and replace them with data fields which HOMES automatically populates. Sales agents need only enter the offer information once into the H.O.M.E.S. system, and then just print the required documents. No double entry is ever required, and documents cannot be misplaced or changed by mistake. This also helps to ensure the information used to instruct your trades matches what is on the signed purchaser documents.

Easy e-Signing ! H.O.M.E.S. comes with over 80 document templates for many varied purposes. Templates come pre-formatted with signature tags embedded ready for use with Adobe Sign® (subscription required.) H.O.M.E.S. provides merge codes to easily add signature tags when customizing your documents, so that when you submit the document(s) for signatures, the signature tags are already embedded. You don't have to place the signature tags manually at all and H.O.M.E.S. even automatically adjusts the number of signature tags based on the number of purchasers!

Below are samples of a few of the documents available in the main H.O.M.E.S. system. Please keep in mind your documents may be completely different and are very easily customized. The document image sizes have been scaled down as much as possible while still remaining legible in an attempt to minimize the amount of scrolling necessary for those viewing the pages with smaller computer screens or low resolutions. Naturally the actual full size documents are much more clear. (Most documents print on legal size paper.)


To view a sample document, click on the image.

Freehold Purchase Agreement (First Page) Condominium Purchase Agreement (First Page)
Purchase Agreement Features List Schedule Purchase Agreement Condition Schedule(s)
Amendment to Purchase Agreement Request for Extras (Extras Sheet)
Colour Chart (Freehold) Colour Chart (Condominium)
Colour Chart (with Images) Decor Catalogue
Closing/Occupancy Date Delay Letter Mutual Release
Offer Information Sheet
Additional documents generated from MS-Word templates for printing or emailing include:
  • Broker Agreement
  • Contact Information Sheet
  • Customer Service Work Orders
  • Inspection Forms (for Pre-Delivery Inspections etc)
  • Letter to Contacts/Prospects
  • Letter to Purchasers' Lender
  • Letter to Purchasers Solicitor
  • Letters/Notifications to Purchasers
  • Floor Plan Purchase Agreement Schedule (by Model)
  • Statement of Adjustments
  • Statement of Adjustments (Interim Occupancy)
  • Tarion® Warranty Addendum & Revised Statement of Critical Dates
  • Work Orders/Purchase Orders/Change Orders
  • Work Order/Purchase Orders Cancellation Notice
  • etc etc. (Over 80 ready-to-use templates included!)

For more detailed information on documents or any other aspect of H.O.M.E.S., contact Falcon Software at:
(705) 652-1999, or email to: Sales/General Information

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