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Automated Trades Notification for Home Builders & Condo Developers


H.O.M.E.S. Purchase Order System is an optional fully integrated add-on component of H.O.M.E.S. home builders’ project management software, designed to automate and organize requisitioning and purchasing from contractors. It functions as a reliable automatic notification system to keep trades informed regarding what they are required to build. It automatically generates purchase orders, work orders, change orders and cancellation notices, tracks work status and records invoice payments to avoid premature payments, duplicate payments and over-payments.


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The principle of the system is to maximize efficiency and eliminate errors and omissions in the administration of the purchasing of standard model components, upgrades & extras, finishes etc. The system may replace, or be used in lieu of, an accounting system’s purchase order module. It is not intended to replace an accounting system, but to assist an accounting system in determining what payments should be made, and eliminate the drudgery of having to manually create purchase orders.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Automatically generates, prints and distributes purchase orders, work orders and change orders for model components, upgrades/extras and colours/finishes with flexible control over the ordering status of each lot/unit.

  • Tracks the completion status of the work represented by each purchase order. (Fully compatible with site office module to manage work completions so accounts payable knows when work is completed, and to what extent even if the contractor forgets to submit the completion certificate generated on site.)

  • Optionally holds off ordering until the colour chart has a "complete" status to avoid premature trades notification.

  • Helps to ensure no premature payments, duplicate payments or over-payments are made.

  • Maintains a complete history of all purchase orders by lot/unit, trade, contractor etc.

  • Tracks and reports contractor acknowledgement of receipt of purchase orders/work orders/change orders.
  • Tracks and reports distribution of purchase orders/work orders/change orders.
  • Purchase orders may be cancelled (with cancellation notice,) and optionally replacement change orders may be automatically generated. (You can also un-cancel purchase orders.)

  • Accepts manually entered purchase orders and charge-backs, although they are rarely needed.

  • Emails purchase orders/work orders to contractors automatically or manually. Works independent of your email client program. Purchase orders for the same contractor are automatically converted to PDF format and grouped together attached to a single email. Use template(s) to customize the email message and subject including a list of attached purchase order numbers for confirmation. You can use an individual or shared email address to send purchase orders, and even send a copy to one or more individual or shared BCC (blind carbon copy) email addresses for record keeping/distribution tracking.  (Can include web-based shared email accounts.) PDF conversion requires MS-Word® 2007 or later, or 3rd party PDF print driver.

  • Tracks invoices assigned/paid and maintains a complete history by purchase order, lot/unit and contractor.

  • Powerful customizable reports available on-screen & printed include:

    • Purchase Orders by Lot/Unit

    • Purchase Orders by Contractor

    • Invoice Activity by Contractor

    • Contractor List, Trade List etc.     (Click to view sample reports)

  • Email reports with the click of a button.

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Word® (templates for purchase orders can be easily customized.) Purchase orders may also be previewed on-screen.

  • Optionally also pre-prints completion certificates for builders not using the H.O.M.E.S. Construction Site System.

  • Manages multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Uses a convenient multiple document interface so that several contractors, reports etc may be viewed side-by-side.

  • Multi-user/network ready.

  • Easy to use intuitive interface even for novice computer users.

  • Built in pop-up context sensitive Help Manual for new users.

  • Quickly pays for itself by reducing costs, raising efficiency and avoiding communication errors.

  • Priced affordably even for small builders!

Sample Reports


"We haven’t had a single hiccup for any unit since installing…I would recommend HOMES until I turned blue in the face!"

Sam DiSanto, Molinaro Group


“I love the way everything is at our fingertips. I could never go back to our old system.”

Abby Longlade, Summit View Homes


“H.O.M.E.S. is Awesome!”

Denise Higgins, Blue Forest Homes


“We are very happy. We like that a lot of attention was paid to details when the system was developed, and the support is excellent.”

Adam Belsky, Capital Homes

(Click to view sample reports)

Pricing / Evaluation:
Click here for information regarding pricing, live demonstrations or evaluation copies.
System Requirements:

The system requirements for running H.O.M.E.S. are minimal especially for remote sales or construction site office clients (or local head office clients) using Remote Desktop to connect to head office, because H.O.M.E.S. does not have to be installed on the remote client computers.

Administration is also minimal even if clients are not using remote desktop at head office because typically upgrades are only necessary on the main file server. (We are happy to perform upgrades for you if temporary remote access is granted.)

Click here for specific detailed system requirements for various H.O.M.E.S. implementations including on servers.


The H.O.M.E.S. Purchase Order System is the ideal addition to automate your purchasing and ensure nothing requested by your customers is ever missed or overlooked, and no premature or duplicate payments are ever made to contractors or suppliers.

More questions? Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to questions commonly asked of our sales and technical support departments.

Have we left anything out? You bet!

To receive more information, a demonstration or an evaluation copy of H.O.M.E.S. call Falcon Software at (705) 652-1999, or e-mail to: Sales/General Information

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