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H.O.M.E.S. PDI Deficiency Screen Snapshot


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This screen snapshot shows the detail of a deficiency entered in the H.O.M.E.S. Customer Service system's pre-delivery inspection checklist.

The trades necessary to fix the deficiency were pre-assigned as defaults for the checklist item, so the system knew in advance which trades to assign to the deficiency. This may be easily changed during or after the inspection.

For convenience while standing, the entire PDI system is designed so it may be used without the need of a keyboard.  The deficiency description is recorded using a mouse pointer or even better, a stylus if using a tablet/touch-screen computer which may be held and used just like a clipboard! With a Windows 10 tablet, you can use an on-screen keyboard, hand writing recognition, or speech to text to record deficiencies. Alternatively, (and often more quickly) just click the "Build" button to build the description of the deficiency by clicking on words from customized lists of words commonly used in describing deficiencies. (Click on the image to see this step.)

If there's an unusual word or phrase you have to enter without typing, click the on-screen keyboard button to enter text by clicking on the letters, or if you're using a tablet/touch-screen computer, you can use handwriting recognition or speech to typing necessary!

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