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H.O.M.E.S. PDI Deficiency Builder Screen Snapshot


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This screen snapshot shows the "No-Type PDI Deficiency Description Builder" used to enter deficiency descriptions quickly and conveniently without the need of a keyboard. Although of course you can certainly use a keyboard to enter deficiencies, it's not usually convenient during an inspection that's typically carried out while standing, so the entire PDI system is designed so it may be used without the need of a keyboard. The deficiency description is "built" by clicking on commonly used words and phrases from the customized lists for speedy data entry with maximum flexibility.

While the 2 left-hand columns are common to all rooms, the words in the two right-hand columns are customized by room to make selection as fast as possible. As you click on words, the deficiency description is built on-screen. You can easily edit and change the entry, and if a word or phrase isn't already in the list, you can add it on-the-fly, and even if you're working off-line the master list will be updated during the next data synchronization with head office!

This makes for very fast and convenient data entry, using a mouse pointer or even better, a stylus if using a tablet/touch-screen computer which may be held and used just like a clipboard! If you find you need to add a new word or enter something not required in the list of words, you can use an on-screen keyboard to enter text by clicking on the letters, or if you're using a tablet/touch-screen computer, you can use handwriting typing necessary!

The system comes with a comprehensive database of commonly used words and phrases that you can quickly and easily customize to meet your specific needs. You can even copy lists of words from room to room so the initial setup is a breeze!

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