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H.O.M.E.S. PDI Checklist Screen Snapshot


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This screen snapshot shows the H.O.M.E.S. Customer Service system's pre-delivery inspection checklist. Notice checklist items may be listed in the order in which each item is encountered while walking through the lot or unit.

You may customize the checklist to be as simple or detailed as you prefer. Each checklist item may be associated with a room, and default trades necessary to fix deficiencies may be assigned in advance or individually during or after the inspection. Multiple deficiencies may be recorded for any checklist item simply by double-clicking on the entry. (Click on the image to view the deficiency detail.)

For convenience while standing, the entire PDI system is designed so it may be used without the need of a keyboard. To begin the inspection, just double-click on the "Start Time" to track the duration, and when you finish recording deficiencies, double-click on the "End Time" and then click "Print" to print the pre-delivery inspection form fully populated with purchaser information and deficiencies etc, ready for signing!

When the inspection is completed, work orders may be automatically generated from the deficiencies recorded. If the inspection was done off-line and you don't want to return to the office, you can synchronize with head office securely from anywhere with Internet access!

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