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H.O.M.E.S. Contact Management Sample Report


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'To Do' List Report


Please Note: The report has been shrunk down and converted to an image for those viewing with small screens.

The actual reports are much more clear.


The 'To'Do' List reports the list of tasks you have yet to complete today, or for any date range you specify. 'To Do' tasks may include important calls, appointments or anything you decide to track.

The report can be filtered not only by date(s) but also by sales agent and by any portion of the task description you typed in. You do not have to pre-define what tasks you wish to filter for because the system lets you filter using a free text search.

This report can also be run automatically when the system is started as a reminder which helps you ensure you never miss important calls, appointments or any other type of task you decide to track.

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