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H.O.M.E.S. Contact Management Sample Report


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Contact Analysis Report


Please Note: The report has been shrunk down and converted to an image for those viewing with small screens.

The actual reports are much more clear.


The contact analysis report is a powerful that lists contacts and their related 'To Do' tasks and notes based on the filter specifications you stipulate before generating the report. It functions as a powerful search tool to list contacts based on their demographics, preferences or any other characteristics by which you choose to categorize them.

As you can see on the previous page, the report is very flexible without having to learn any complicated report filtering jargon, and there is a huge number of combinations of search filter specifications to answer questions like: "Which prospects from last month were very interested in a detached 3000 square foot home?"

This report is also invaluable as a tool to jog your memory when you remember something about a specific contact, but have forgotten their name. Just type in what you do remember and let the Contacts Analysis find them for you.

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