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Purchaser Notifications Report


Please Note: The report has been shrunk down and converted to an image for those viewing with small screens.

The actual reports are much more clear.


The Purchaser Notifications Report is used to list purchasers that require written notification of important events related to the construction of their home based on whether or not the dates associated with key events fall within the date ranges you specify.

These events include items such as occupancy delay notification deadlines, closing delay notification deadlines, construction commencement dates and purchase agreement vendor condition satisfaction deadlines. (This report is also fully compatible with TARION requirements for Ontario, Canada based projects.)

Preferences for the which types of event notifications to report and their applicable date ranges may be saved for convenience. Please note that wider than usual ranges of dates were used to generate the above sample to ensure there were examples in each category. Naturally your date range preferences need not be as wide. 

H.O.M.E.S. also has the option to automatically prompt you daily with this report upon opening the project as a reminder to help ensure no important notifications are missed.

Once you have determined with this report that certain notifications are necessary, you can automatically generate the letters or emails to purchasers with the powerful mail merge feature using your customized Microsoft Word document templates. (Sample templates are provided, ready to use.)

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