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Occupancy Dates Report


Please Note: The report has been shrunk down and converted to an image for those viewing with small screens.

The actual reports are much more clear.


The Occupancy Dates Report displays information helpful when you are considering revising occupancy dates for condo projects.

Included is the full history of all occupancy date revisions by unit, as well as the amount of days already delayed, the maximum available delay in days, the latest available occupancy date, and the date before which the purchaser must be notified of the delay.

You may report for just a specific unit, or you may report all units whose purchasers must be notified of a delay by a specific date, which is helpful in ensuring that occupancy delay notification deadlines are never missed. (The rules for the maximum permissible delay(s) and notification deadline restrictions may be defined in the project setup screen, and the report is fully TARION compliant for builders of projects based in Ontario, Canada.) The report may be sorted by unit number or by occupancy date.

This example displays all units that must be notified by September 30th, and is sorted by unit number.

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