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Construction by Lot/Unit Report (Specific Trade)


Please Note: The report has been shrunk down and converted to an image for those viewing with small screens.

The actual reports are much more clear.


The Construction by Lot/Unit Report displays all of the construction specifications by lot/unit including (optionally) standard model components, upgrades & extras, and the purchasers' colour choices. The report is intended for use by your construction department and sub-trades, so financial information is excluded.

The report is available including information for all trades, but may also be filtered (as shown) to include only the information pertinent to a specific trade. In this case, we are seeing the first page containing only the specifications relevant to the "Cabinetry" trade for lot/unit 001.

This report is ideal for ensuring everyone is up-to-date on what are the current construction specifications for each lot/unit in the project. It is always instantly available and up-to-date.

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