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H.O.M.E.S. Customer Service Sample Document


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Sample Repair Completion Letter to Purchasers:


Please Note: The document has been scaled down and converted to an image for those viewing with small screens.

The actual documents are printed on full size paper and are much more clear.


The example above shows a sample repair completion letter which can be automatically generated and emailed to purchasers to keep them informed when warranty repairs have been completed, and to inform them when the repair warranty expires. Letters are automatically populated and converted to a pdf file and then attached to a customizable email sent automatically to the purchaser(s) as per your preferences. Naturally your letter may differ, and that is fine because you can customize your reminders any way you wish since they are printed using Microsoft Word® document templates. Add or remove information or insert your own logo in the template and all reminders for the project will appear just as you wish with information filled in automatically.

Notice that all information is automatically filled in for you. When you print or email a document, H.O.M.E.S. automatically fills in the information from the database in the template's designated positions. There is a multitude of information that can be inserted, typically including anything pertinent.

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