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Falcon Software is the proud developer of H.O.M.E.S. and H.O.M.E.S. Lite project management software for home builders and condominium developers. We provide intuitive, integrated and comprehensive home builder software to manage residential construction projects from pre-sales, sales and decor management, right through warranty service. We help you build faster with less effort, more control, fewer errors, higher profits and greater customer satisfaction.

We are the best choice for homebuilders who want to want to improve communications and link offices via the Internet, but prefer to host their own systems, and/or don't want to risk having head office operations grind to a halt when Internet access is lost.

H.O.M.E.S. Project Management for Builders

H.O.M.E.S. Lite Project Management for Builders


"We haven’t had a single hiccup for any unit since installing…I would recommend HOMES until I turned blue in the face!"

Sam DiSanto, Molinaro Group


“I love the way everything is at our fingertips. I could never go back to our old system.”

Abby Longlade, Summit View Homes


“This system is fantastic. I love the new features.”

Robert Falus, Lorbeth Properties

We're celebrating over 35 years of providing quality, reliable business management software to North America.

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